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Will a Roof Replacement Really Save you Money Over Time?

Similar to other home improvement projects, a homeowner should view a roof replacement from an ROI outlook. A new roof usually costs on average of $8,000 or more for a 2,000 square foot home but can vary by the materials used and roofing warranties that are applied, so it's noted as one of the more costly home renovations. Despite the expense, an Evansville Roofing professional understands that it can truly put money back into your wallet, no joke!

A New Roof Increases Strength and Stability

Shingles have come a long way over the years with major revisions to their wind rating. They used to peak around 65 mph but nowadays shingles can adequately resist winds of120 mph and up.

This means that for a homeowner a roof replacement is going to provide excellent protection from the weather and elements withfewer phone-calls to your Roofer in Evansville

A New Roof Reduces a Homes Energy Consumption

With so many varying types of shingles now, it can be challenging to select a new roof for some homeowners. Selecting an energy efficient shingle can really help lessen your energy consumption while still able to maintain a comfortable home all year long.

It all begins with picking the most efficient shingle color for your home. Different colored shingles will reflect various degrees of light and heat. An extremely reflective shingle can reduce your bill by lowering the heat that penetrates your rooftop.

A New Roof Can Provide Insurance Savings

Some insurance companies hike up premiums if a roof is out of code. If this is the situation with your policy, a roof replacement can notably reduce the rate you're paying. Roofers in Evansville recognize that it's much safer to live under a home that adheres to modern and current safety codes!

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January 29, 2019
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