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Is Your Roof Safe? A GAF Certified Evansville Roofer Will Make Sure It Is!

Expert Roofer in Evansville

There is a big misconception with homeowners that if you have not experienced any major storms in your town recently that it implies your roofing in Evansville is okay. What most people need to understand is that just because there was no hail or heavy rain that your roof can still be damaged by powerful winds alone. In fact, strong winds are a common factor for roof damage.

Let us start at the beginning... Any roof with missing or damaged shingles has roof damage. If your home fits into this category then do not delay contacting your friendly roofers in Evansville.

The NRCA (better known as the National Roofing Contractors Association) states that wind damage begins at the edge of a roof. Remember, the wind does not move in one direction and often swirls around in many different directions. Considering that the corners and edges of your roof are more sensitive to heavy winds it is a recipe for when your roof sustains wind damages rather than if it does. In conjunction with the wind, we need to mention the other things that come along with it. Flying debris is also something that can destroy your roof.

Certainly, a large tree limb crashing into your roof is very noticeable, but it is the smaller branches that can cause damage that usually is not caught by the untrained eye!!!

Hail is another factor that can destroy your Evansville roofing. Large hail combined with extremely powerful wind can puncture the layers underneath the shingles. Sometimes so forceful that water penetrates the roofing into your home. The tricky thing about situations like these is that it does not take a huge hole in your roof to have water damage. In most cases, it is the small problems that are never seen from the ground that produce the biggest problems for your home.

We know that not every personis a professional roofer so a few things you can do in between professional roof inspections are:

  • Pay attention to your roof. It seems pretty simple but you would be surprised at how many homeowners never think or even look at their roof until a problem surfaces.
  • Watch for missing and damaged shingles on your roof and also around your property. Especially after a windy day or a severe storm has passed through the area.
  • Look at the edges and see if they look out of place.

The Solution Is To Have Your Roof Inspected By a Premier Company For Roof Repair in Evansville!!!


Having some knowledge about your roof can go a long way to save you money at the end of the day. Here at Fraleys Home Improvement, we are not your ordinary roofers. We are GAF certified roofing contractors in Evansville which is your guarantee that you will receive quality and dependable roofing services. Call (270) 826-0627 or schedule online with us today!

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February 27, 2020
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