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How Heavy Rains Can Impact Your Roofing System

While we may not see much snow in Kentucky there is always an abundance of rain pounding rooftops and gutters during the year. Your Roofer in Evansville knows that when heavy storms roll through there is always the possibility of major damage to homes. Here are some of the consequences that heavy rain can do to your roof and some things you can do to evade them.

Heavy Rain Impacts

If storms are prevalent in your area, heavy rains will wear away at your shingles. The damages that result from a storm can include missing shingles and water penetration to the underlayment. If it's bad enough it can even penetrate the roof sheathing and ultimately jeopardize the integrity of the structure. Excessive amounts of moisture may also begin to rot and mold inside your attic which means problems both structurally and for the health and safety of your family.

Houses that have a sloped roof present unique challenges when attempting to shield it from rain damage because water accumulates where sections of the roof join. A Roofers in Evansville can install waterproofing membranes in critical areas for roofs of this kind to shield against moisture damage. Difficulties may also arise from a bad installation or a clogged gutter system. Wherever there are openings for nails and a collection of water from backed-up gutters, you have the recipe for severe damage.

Preserving Your Roof

Knowing where the weak spots are on your roof is the best and only way to defend it against the impacts of heavy rainfall. Inspecting the condition of your home after a major storm is suggested, but a professional inspection every year is absolutely necessary to evaluate the damage and calculate measures to prevent future problems.

You may want to think about preparing your home for monsoons and other extreme storms. A roof with gables is the most vulnerable to substantial rains and wind, and any roof with missing or broken shingles, damaged flashing or insufficient underlayment may take a thrashing from storms during the year. Just like a vehicle or other elements of your home, the soundest way to increase the life of your roof is with preventative maintenance.


There are methods to prevent the unfavorable outcomes of heavy rain on your roof. Scheduling regular inspections with a licensed, certified and insured Evansville Roofing professional is always going to be your "best and safest choice".

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April 22, 2019
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