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Have Your Roofing System Inspected Before Old Man Winter Arrives!!

A fall inspection with a Roofer in Evansville will cut back potentially expensive repairs and shield your home. Sadly for homeowners, roof damage does not stay dormant during the winter months, it only becomes worse. This is why having an inspection before the colder weather arrives, will offer you peace of mind and can prevent expensive roof repairs.

In the winter season, snow and ice will place additional strain on your roof. Animals trying to find heat might attempt to use your roof as a source of entry into your cozy home. Trees and branches that are loaded with snow and ice can drop onto your roof. Instability and unknown issues make it more difficult for your roofing system to resist wear and tear. The last thing you need is to find out you have a roof leak in the middle of a blizzard!

Be on the watch for shingles that might be cracked or broken. Explore for any holes, cracks or rips in the metal flashing that is used to seal seams. You must additionally confirm your roof vents are working properly. You may not see any obvious damage signs but it still a good idea to have an Evansville Roofing pro like Fraley's Home Improvement inspect it. We are able to offer a thorough and precise roof review since we are extremely experienced with the proper training to recognize roof damage.


Most professionals recommend that you simply have your roof inspected a minimum of once a year. Knowing that you simply can have one done each fall (in anticipation of the winter) makes it less probable that you will forget to have it completed. The greatest way to avoid issues along with your roof is to prevent them before they need an opportunity to begin.

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September 18, 2019
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